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Find fundamental bits of knowledge inside the billions of news happening each day.

News media monitoring

News Monitoring

We are driven by the passion to explore new strategies, innovate, and experiment. Our mission is to maximize the reputation, performance and positioning of our customers

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Experience the most comprehensive PR monitoring.

magazine monitoring


No clutter of unwanted news whatsoever after this.

magazine monitoring


Get to know about any fire before it spreads.

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Get to know what your customers think about you.

With Our platform get to know what your customers think about you. Design your marketing strategies according to performance of your brand. Monitor your media all form one platform.

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Know what your customers really want

Get your mentions from any web platform around the globe without any time or place constraints.

Know what your customers are really interested in. Get to know every aspect of the news about your brand. We got you covered with our news monitoring.

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news about you

Know about competitors and competitions in the market

With our tie-ups with social media platforms you can get to know and manage anything about your brand on the go. Social Media Monitoring at it's best.

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Competitive Analysis

No need to hustle for office work anymore

Our AI will do the reports and work for you. You will never need to create a report anymore. We will do that for you.

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Manage your print media smartly

We specialise in the print media analysis. With the help of our powerful AI you will never need to read a newspaper for getting the news about your brand. Best PR monitoring and tracking tools.

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Print Media Smartly

How We Work?

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We talk to you. We listen to you. We get to know about your needs.

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Knowing requirements

We get to know about your requirements. We make a specific design for your interface.

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Knowing the sources

We specifically give you data from the sources you want and you need. We will assist you in knowing your needs.

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Smart investment

Know where your brand exactly stands with our system and plan your strategies accordingly.

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Assisting you

With our analytics no need to make any report anymore. Just get the automated report anytime, anywhere.

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Work Smart

You can sit back and relax when our system does the work. Work Smart with us!!

Keep an eye on your brand

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