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PR Reporting' is therefore the process of monitoring the data about ideas, sentiments, opinions i.e. Positive or negative varying from customer to customer or employee to employee using online social media such as twitter or facebook. We offer the analytical solutions to make sense of the news that impacts you the most. ABCPQR helps the customer to get analysis of these solutions by using our media measurement and media evaluation services so that with multi dimensional layers of news can give you powerful insights.

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We believe the brightest marketers freely share their expertise and experience. By contributing to the industry, we aspire to influence B2B marketers to do and be more.

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We are a good PR firm for you if:

  1. You are a B2B company that can benefit from media placements
  2. There is a strong technology component to your offerings
  3. You are not getting enough high-quality leads
  4. The competition's PR placements are better and more numerous than your press coverage
  5. Your sales cycles are longer than you'd like them to be
  6. Prospective customers don't know who you are
  7. Your existing PR firm is too passive and isn't getting the job done
  8. You're not getting the industry respect you deserve
  9. You are about to launch a new product or service
  10. Our PR firm works with clients across the nation and around the world to build their visibility. We secure media coverage, we get you on panels at industry conferences, we nominate your company for awards, and we do a host of other things to help you be successful. At the end of the day, if you're not successful, we're not successful. We're very good at what we do. We play for high score, and we'd love to talk to you about how we can help you.

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As a full-service PR agency, we pursue a wide range of activities to facilitate you getting coverage in the media, utilizing our extensive network of media contacts.

PR portal
Seek an Integrated portal

Our monitoring tool integrates the data from traditional media; social media into single dashboard and provides you a full view of how all media campaigns greatly impact key business objectives.

PR Analyzing
Examining And Analyzing

We examine changes in online sentiments, share of voice or audios or videos over time enables PR Monitoring software to share proper results and to help organizations to gauge the effectiveness of their strategies.

PR Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence

Our PR Monitoring tool helps competitors to reveal competitive opportunities by identifying weaknesses in competitors’ products or customer services or marketing and copy their strengths.

PR monitoring Benefits

Successful Movie Promotions or marketing starts with our own audiences. PR and marketing professionals always rely on audience feedback as in this industry, your audience is the only thing which matters the most. However, Movie Companies or PR is associated with countless channels from which to gather this feedback. Many of these channels such as review sites and your audiences’ blogs or social media feeds from twitter or facebook etc– aren’t managed or ‘owned’ by your company. Maintaining such day to day records with these channels or social media is kind of tedious task because you have to be online continuously or some hourly basis. There are many costs associated with effective monitoring. It takes time to sort through and analyze data, as well as expertise to understand how it can be used to improve your business goals. And if you are going to invest in a robust monitoring service, there are financial considerations as well.

There are many benefits of using our PR monitoring services which can help your Bollywood business to go to the next level in the market itself and more efficiently

1. Uncover areas of ImprovementMonitoring

your Bollywood business of movies or albums enables you to listen to the conversations people are having about the movie and gather honest opinions and experiences about it.

2. FeedbackRegardless

of the sentiment whether it is positive or negative, this feedback can help identify ways to improve the public’s perception of that particular movie or album from their opinions about that after watching the movie trailors or movie too.

3. Audience Poll -

In case of our Bollywood industry, movie promotions are also another way to speak to the audiences and get their first reviews. Using PR monitoring, analysis is the best way to get initial reactions from audiences and also after movie release.

4. Direct Conversations -

PR monitoring also opens up opportunities to engage in direct conversations with your audiences or people by using media channels and work more to enhance overcome the faults and brainstorm ideas for new ones.

5. Learn what your competitors are doingThe

conversations your competitors had with their customers or audiences used to be private; however, we should thank to social media and other online blog sites, it is easier to observe these interactions in real time. Using these, Monitoring and Tracking what your competitor production office or rival company does and how people respond to their movies gives you an opportunity to learn from their successes and missteps and change or movie making or promotion strategies accordingly.

6. Discover new revenue opportunities.

Listening to conversations around your movie business and competitors can also drive revenue for your company. Perhaps you notice people discussing a problem you didn’t realize your products solved or an issue with your competitor you were unaware of. Monitoring for these comments can help PR to identify potential audiences and new markets, and understand how to successfully engage with them and how to come with new ideas.

7. Identify and reward champions.

Testimonials, case studies and audience reviews are always more effective than traditional marketing. It’s because peer-to-peer messages are genuine, transparent and relatable.

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