Discover insights for your brand through news monitoring.

Find fundamental bits of knowledge inside the billions of news happening each day.

News Monitoring
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The only brand monitoring dashboard you need

Intuitive, user-friendly platform

Target. Analyse . Act.

Measure your brand’s influence in real time across print & digital media. Use these insights to improve marketing ROI and gain a competitive edge.

News Research
News research

Successful business are driven by data. Understand your market to create a bulletproof marketing plan.

News Monitoring
News monitoring

Monitor your daily news performance across Print, Web, Social, Blog, Forums & Review websites together on one screen.

Competitive Analysis

Get the real-time overview of your competitors on any platform in the world. Compare & automate the data according to your needs.

News Analytics

Get detailed time-stamped analysis of your audience interactions.

Take your personalised brand dashboard for a test run.

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Find out what your audience is looking for

With our media platform competitors integration you can get each and every notification about your brand right at your fingertips anywhere in the world.

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Hate making reports?

Trust our AI to create and share relevant reports for your brand.

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social media listening

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