News media analytics

You don't need to worry about any report about your brand with our analysis tool.

Get the real time tracking

Get a real time overview of your brand mentions on every media platform around the globe on one tool. You can compare, analyze and automate the data according to your needs.

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real time tracking

Know who is talking about you

Get to know on which platforms you have the most mentions. No clutter of news anymore on the desk!!

 who is talking about you

Get timeline analysis of your brand

Get to know what is your average mention on which period of time. You can check it daily,weekly,monthly and as well as quarterly. All at one place.

Timeline Analysis of your brand

Want to know how engaged you are

Here's the solution. You can get a detailed analysis about the timeline and the engagement you have with your audiance with our media monitoring system.

news media monitoring system

Keep track on every part of your advertisement efforts

Being a brand is a big road and you should always keep counting your footsteps on that road. Keep a track of comments, likes, dislikes on your brand with us.

Live updates

Why do you need us ?

Enhance customer experience with our all-in-one news crm software.

Data listening

Making sure you do not miss out on any source.

Insight news
Insight news

Preparing you for your future marketing projections.

Media monitoring
Media monitoring

Keeping your customers and prospects happy with great service

Live update
Live update

Ensuring all events are reported in real-time any news-related.

Keep an eye on your brand

Try it yourself for a while. Request a refund if you didn't find it useful and awesome as we advertised.

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