Get to know about your competition and competitors with us.

Specify your data according to your needs

You name a way to classify the content and we do it. No need to go through the clutter of thousands of news anymore.

By giving you the accurate analysis of your brand we prepare your marketing strategies for future.

Filters which you can rely on

Clear cut alerts about the news about you on social media

With our media platform competitors integration you can get each and every notification about your brand right at your fingertips anywhere in the world.

With our social media interface you can directly react to the mentions about you on media and track your brand with us.

Automated reports

Listen the whispers from media

We make it a point that anytime even if there is a slight movement on media about your brand you get to know about it.

Listen news media

Monitor from anywhere

You can monitor your data from anywhere in the whole world. Our dashboard don't have any time or place constraints whatsoever.

Monitor from anywhere

Listen to the slightest movement about your brand

Don't miss on any updates about your brands from now on. With our Powerful media monitoring tools don't miss on any updates from any platform.

Efficient data listening

Why do you need us ?

Enhance customer experience with our all-in-one news crm software.

Data listening

Making sure you do not miss out on any source.

Insight news
Insight news

Preparing you for your future marketing projections.

Media monitoring
Media monitoring

Keeping your customers and prospects happy with great service

Live update
Live update

Ensuring all events are reported in real-time any news-related.

Keep an eye on your brand

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