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Every minute monitoring system collects hundreds of notifications. Get the relevant information by clear and accurate search queries. Work right away with the tone, role and theme for each mention.

Listen & analyse


Listen & analyse

Hear conversations from over 650 million different sources with social listening tools. Discover what consumers are saying about your brand, your products, and your competitors. Discover trending topics and influential conversations — then use that information to inform your marketing decisions.


Plan & publish

Plan, execute, and track social media marketing campaigns. Customise and craft your content from multiple sources, while protecting your brand with configurable approval rules and a full audit trail. Manage social strategy, tailor campaigns, and drive social awareness across distributed teams.

Plan & publish
Engage & connect


Engage & connect

Respond to your customers in a timely manner with compelling content. Monitor your owned social channels and participate in conversations at scale. Organise discussions and topics, and automatically label, classify, and assign posts in order to route and prioritise work across teams.


Analyse your reputation

Monitor mentions of your brand, industry or competition across online media, news and social platforms for a 360 degree view of the conversations important to you. With Meltwater, crush crises before they spread and amplify the social ambassadors that influence your customer reputation.

Analyse Your Reputation


Measure Marketing Impact

Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns by analysing online and social media data. Benchmark your success against the performance of your competitors for an apples to apples comparison of your brand equity.

In today’s digital age, you do not have to wait for tomorrow’s newspaper to find out what is happening in the world. In fact, you can read about something in 200+ different ways online before it ever becomes a printed headline.

You can even receive updates in real time. This has caused a dramatic change for the role of a PR professional and what is now expected from them.It is no longer sufficient to evaluate the success of your PR team with newspaper hardcopies or magazines. PR teams need to show solid, measurable proof of their efforts and with monitoring tools or software which can show some analytical information in form of charts or bars which are understandable and readable to respective person specifically.Metrics and monitoring results are extremely useful and beneficial to the company and for their clients too.Following are few reasons why newspaper or magazine monitoring practices are beneficial to PR teams and why you should be using them for your bollywood business:

1. Gain a competitive edge -

Monitoring tools can do the task such as flipping through newspapers looking for content or headlines allowing PR teams time to focus on content analysis and measuring. This also lets companies stay competitive and even allows small and medium sized businesses to compete with larger firms. These tools can monitor online 24/7 when PR professionals cannot and this can help your bollywood PR professionals to stay one step ahead of their competition.

2. Similar to Online Media Listening-

Monitoring the newspapers and magazines pages means it is the process of querying large volumes of online content from specific newspapers or topics that then requires your business to reflect and draw analysis from the these actions (via sentiment analysis or topic affinity).

3. Get Detailed News -

While recording your newspaper data brings valuable insights into how your audiences say about your movies or you or your competitors, listening is key to analyzing what audiences say when they talk about your bollywood business. It is great for extracting insights from your movie mentions.

Hence, you should apply this newspaper or magazine monitoring approaches to your business improvement strategy to see success. Truly understanding this will ultimately help push your monitoring efforts in the right direction.

4. Collaborate with marketing and sales departments

Sales and marketing teams speak in metrics and want to be shown quantifiable proof of PR efforts and results. Monitoring tools provide a detailed analysis of campaign giving PR teams the ability to present their results in a meaningful way to marketing & sales teams. This can strengthen the relationship between a PR team and their client’s marketing department, which has not always been strong.

5. Ease and help crisis management

It is impossible for any company, big or small, to completely control a news and how consumers will respond to that news. However, when a crisis strikes, speed is everything. While monitoring tools may not help PR professionals entirely avoid a crisis, they certainly help manage them and can act as an early warning system to issues that may lie ahead.

6. Identify issues and opportunities

Your customers always try to communicate with you online via social media. Handling all the individual messages across your social channels is a complex task that often requires help from monitoring tools. Newspaper and magazine monitoring when implemented effectively, it helps you boost your bollywood business online.

7. Better Understanding Monitoring-

Another way newspaper monitoring can benefit your business is that when you use monitoring tool for your bollywood business news analysis, you will get understandable results which you can store, read and measure and analyze.

8. Become More Approachable to Your Audience -

Being an approachable company means you have to consider every kind of way of gaining all the news information. And this most certainly includes online newspapers and magazines. With each line on every page of newspaper is daily fetched and monitored to give you best of we can. So that, news from over 200+ of newspapers are extracted and use for your analysis and monitoring of bollywood news like about your movie reviews or comments. So PR of bollywood business companies needs to keep up with the latest trends and fads. Using monitoring tools can help identifying both potential issues and opportunities. We help you to monitor the data by using magazines online. This process requires collection of all the needed data of your choice i.e. your company or other organizations information which is printed there in the magazine or magazines and compare all the data whether it is positive or negative reactions of your customers or your position in the market or reviews of your product so that you can make decisions as per the result provided in the form of charts or graphs.

Successful Movie Promotions or marketing starts with our own audiences. PR and marketing professionals always rely on audience feedback as in this industry, your audience is the only thing which matters the most. However, Movie Companies or PR is associated with countless channels from which to gather this feedback. Many of these channels such as review sites and your audiences’ blogs or social media feeds from twitter or facebook etc– aren’t managed or ‘owned’ by your company. Maintaining such day to day records with these channels or social media is kind of tedious task because you have to be online continuously or some hourly basis. There are many costs associated with effective monitoring. It takes time to sort through and analyze data, as well as expertise to understand how it can be used to improve your business goals. And if you are going to invest in a robust monitoring service, there are financial considerations as well.

There are many benefits of using our PR monitoring services which can help your Bollywood business to go to the next level in the market itself and more efficiently

1. Uncover areas of ImprovementMonitoring

your Bollywood business of movies or albums enables you to listen to the conversations people are having about the movie and gather honest opinions and experiences about it.

2. FeedbackRegardless

of the sentiment whether it is positive or negative, this feedback can help identify ways to improve the public’s perception of that particular movie or album from their opinions about that after watching the movie trailors or movie too.

3. Audience Poll -

In case of our Bollywood industry, movie promotions are also another way to speak to the audiences and get their first reviews. Using PR monitoring, analysis is the best way to get initial reactions from audiences and also after movie release.

4. Direct Conversations -

PR monitoring also opens up opportunities to engage in direct conversations with your audiences or people by using media channels and work more to enhance overcome the faults and brainstorm ideas for new ones.

5. Learn what your competitors are doingThe

conversations your competitors had with their customers or audiences used to be private; however, we should thank to social media and other online blog sites, it is easier to observe these interactions in real time. Using these, Monitoring and Tracking what your competitor production office or rival company does and how people respond to their movies gives you an opportunity to learn from their successes and missteps and change or movie making or promotion strategies accordingly.

6. Discover new revenue opportunities.

Listening to conversations around your movie business and competitors can also drive revenue for your company. Perhaps you notice people discussing a problem you didn’t realize your products solved or an issue with your competitor you were unaware of. Monitoring for these comments can help PR to identify potential audiences and new markets, and understand how to successfully engage with them and how to come with new ideas.

7. Identify and reward champions.

Testimonials, case studies and audience reviews are always more effective than traditional marketing. It’s because peer-to-peer messages are genuine, transparent and relatable.

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