News Monitoring

Monitor your daily news performance across media - newspapers, websites, social media and more.

newspaper monitoring

Print Monitoring

We customized national and local newspapers monitoring features can assure that you get exactly the news print coverage to meet special your needs. News only from a custom list of specific publications.

magazine monitoring

Magazine Monitoring

Filters information from over 100+ magazines periodically to provide you best of we can. Which helps in improving trust and to better understand what consumers think about the organization, its brands customer services.

article monitoring

The Internet Monitoring

Track all online mentions of your keywords appearing on news sites, blogs, websites, discussion forums, YouTube, review sites and other publicly available places on the Web. Learn who, what and where talks about your topics.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media Monitoring

Discover Twitter, Facebook, Instagram pieces of content mentioning your keywords. Our’s media monitoring software provides also rich social media analytics, including volume, reach, influence and engagement metrics.

public relations

Public relations

Media monitoring and PR are two lovebirds. Effective PR means awareness of a problem and a fast reaction time. Using media monitoring, PR specialist can track all online mentions of a company in real time and react immediately.

Brand monitoring

Brand monitoring

Learn what people say about your branding: what they think about your product, service or marketing campaigns. Discover all online publications about your company and product in real time.

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Why do you need us ?

Enhance customer experience with our all-in-one news crm software.

Data listening

Making sure you do not miss out on any source.

Insight news
Insight news

Preparing you for your future marketing projections.

Media monitoring
Media monitoring

Keeping your customers and prospects happy with great service

Live update
Live update

Ensuring all events are reported in real-time any news-related.

Keep an eye on your brand

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